Landscaping, Gardening and Planta

Whether you own a plant nursery, undertake to redesign and landscape new and existing gardens, or are just an enthusiastic amateur, you no doubt have a keen interest in plants. There are many types of plants available today, from bedding plants, bulbs such as tulips, designer shrubs, small trees, and houseplants. Whichever you decide to grow, you may need some help from time to time. This is where planta can come to your assistance, especially when growing houseplants. You might want to identify a particular species or find out what is wrong with your plants and flowers. Planta can help at any time.

What is Planta?

Planta is a computer application packed full of tips and helpful advice to help you get the best out of your newly-prized horticultural purchases. This app contains the following features.

Plant Database

This allows you to identify many species, so if you are not sure what kind of plant you have, you can easily find the answer. This is especially important since you will need to know how often to feed the specimen. You will also need to know whether your selection prefers a light or sandy location. Planta has the answer to all of your questions.

Care Schedules

Here’s where you can track the growth and health of your plant. You can also log new changes and set up a specific care schedule for the species you are cultivating. You can even add your own notes.

Plant Scanner

By using this feature, you can scan the plant to find out what particular cultivar it is. This will help when contemplating further purchases of different kinds. Also, if you are not familiar with the species, then here you can find out everything you want to know.

Dr Planta

Here you can enter the details of a problem with the health or growth of the plant, and the app will give you advice about how to remedy it.


Ever forgotten to water or feed your prized possessions? This handy part of the app will set up reminders for you. This means you will not miss vital actions to ensure the health of your cultivar.

Light Meter

Once you have found out the optimum growing conditions, you can check for suitable sites for your plant using this handy built-in light meter. This takes the guesswork of where best to locate the species.


Planta is a useful tool for all gardeners and can be helpful for fruiting and greenhouse specimens too. It can take the guesswork out of successfully growing plants. Since many houseplants can be located outside during the summer, Planta can equally be a valuable aid to a landscape gardener working outdoors. Why not check out Planta today to improve and enhance your existing horticultural skills?