Flowers in the Current Offer

flowers-in-the-current-offerNow that the main idea of Garden Flowers for Everyone website has been presented, and that people have become accustomed with the general information that characterizes the shop owners and the range of products offered, it is time to have a glimpse at the actual plant species one can purchase in the shop or from the website. Therefore, this page is dedicated entirely at presenting the garden flower species in the current offer, their characteristics and price range for the different genera.

The page features all the plant species structured alphabetically and the specially designed interface will also allow users to apply certain search criteria, such as order, family, genera or species. All the entries are accompanied by several images and numerous details regarding the ecological requirements, plant origins, and care and gardening tips. All aspects are covered in detail and those who are interested in a particular plant species will be able to identify it with ease thanks to the straightforward search options.

Be it dandelions, orchids, cacti, gentians or the plain old rose, the Garden Flowers for Everyone has them all for everyone and any particular requirements. When looking at the available plants in the family rank, there are over 15 different plant families which make up the current offer, each one with at least 5 to 6 individual species. When assembling the available gardening flowers collection, the owners of Garden Flowers for Everyone have taken into consideration multiple parameters, such as the intended application, ecological requirements specific to each plant, the color of the petals or even the color of the sepals.

What resulted is what might be seen as a truly complete gardening flowers collection, featuring mixed colors, various applications and different chromatic assortments for the petals and inflorescence. Everyone is welcome to seek for their favorite flowers!